NATribes Pro League Loser Bracket Finals: Team 5150 vs Zero Five Zero

by Hirez APC | Apr 03, 2013
Tonight's match up can be called two different names: "Loser Bracket Finals" or maybe more relevant "Third Place". These two teams are known to be very strong in the competitive community, but they found themselves losing a match earlier in the playoffs leaving them to duke it out for a second chance in the grand finals. The loser of tonight will be marked as third place as the winner will play the top dog Vexillifer for the top prize of $2500.

HiRezAPC and GuitarGuy will be shoutcasting tonights match at 10:00pm EDT/7:00 PDT, same time as always, and will be giving play by play commentating throughout the whole game. This is the last week of the NATribes Pro League games so be sure you don't miss out. It all happens at the official Tribes Ascend Twitch stream at