NATribes House League Grand Finals: Team Internap vs Texas Militia

by Hirez APC | Apr 11, 2013
This past Sunday we watched some of the best games of Tribes Ascend we've ever seen. It was Vexillifer vs Team 5150 battling it out in the NATribes Pro League Grand Finals for 1st place and $1400. Tonight, we have the House League Grand Finals featuring Team Internap and Texas Militia.

First let's talk about Team Internap. They came so close to placing in the Pro League, but came short and was forced to play as the top seed in the House League. Since their reign in the House League, they have yet to lose not just a match, but any maps for that matter. They've proven themselves to be the team to beat and are going into this game as the favorite.

Now lets take a look at Texas Militia. This team has been together for a long time in the competitive scene, but was never sought as one of the best teams in the game. Fast forward to now, they've been dominating teams left in right in the House League allowing them to have their chance at taking 1st place against Team Internap.

Don't miss out on this game as we will have it all shoutcasted and highlighted on our official Tribes Ascend Twitch channel - Catch all the action at 10:00pm EDT/7:00 PDT. You won't want to miss it!