Free Blood Eagle Thor Skin for Tribes Ascend GotY Owners OR Level 50's

by Hirez APC | Apr 12, 2013

So you may be thinking: "Wait a second. I thought I was on the Tribes Ascend website, not SMITE's. What gives?"

Well, let us assure you that you are on the Tribes Ascend website and this news is relevant for all Tribes players. And this is why: Each and every Tribes Ascend player who has achieved level 50 OR has purchased the Game of the Year Edition for Tribes Ascend will received the Blood Eagle skin for the god Thor in SMITE!

Now you must be thinking: "Oh okay, that makes more sense. That's actually pretty cool! How do I redeem this generous freebie?"

That's a good question! And a simple one to answer: You don't have to redeem anything! If you already have a SMITE account or plan to register for on in the future, as long as you register one with the same account as your Tribes Ascend account, the skin will automatically be unlocked. It's that easy!

So if you ever find yourself with some down time from Tribes Ascend - which may be unlikely, we know - BUT if there is, go show off your awesome new skin in SMITE and show those MOBA players how elite the Blood Eagle class is. Use Thor's hammer, which is actually the Blood Eagle flag, to smash you opponent and lead your team to victory in style!

[VGW] Woohoo!