GameShrine's European Pro League Group Stage: nimbleMindz vs I Don't Know?

by Hirez APC | Apr 14, 2013
A great match up is about to begin today with nimbleMindz EU vs I Don't Know? These two well established teams have fought the same 2 teams in the Group Stage so far this tournament and ended up with the same results - A loss to Vertigo and a win to 1-up! The only difference is the amount of caps for and against them. This match will be the deciding factor of who will get the higher seed in the Playoffs.

There's a double header today for the EUTL, but the first matchup will be this one starting at 19:30 CET/1:30pm EDT. This will shoutcasted and produced on the official Tribes Ascend streaming channel: Kick back on your Sunday evening and enjoy a little bit of Tribes Ascend eSports!