HiRezKate adds another post to the Dev Blog

by Hirez APC | Apr 24, 2013
Dev Blog Update

If you haven't visited the Dev Blog in a while or don't even know what that is, well... you're missing out! We use this blog to create some transparency in the company to allow players to hear what the game developers and level designers are currently working on in the game. The latest post involved our very own HiRezKate. She briefly goes over the next set of maps that she's currently working on and shares a few early development pictures.

In a post within the Dev Blog a couple weeks ago, HiRezKate announced that she plans to work on 2 CTF maps and 1 TDM map. Currently the tentative names for the CTF maps are "Terminus" and "Creature" with the TDM map holding the name "Sepulcher". These are hybrid maps which incorporate some elements from current maps with a mix of some unique touches by Kate.

There is no time frame at which these will be released yet, but you can help Kate throughout the development of the maps by participating in ground conversations on our official forums and/or on the unofficial Tribes reddit - www.reddit.com/r/tribes. And be sure to keep up to date on the Dev Blog so you can catch all of the latest information of what we're working on - Dev Blog