You're invited to celebrate [CAS]OOO4's 10,000th flag capture!

by Hirez APC | May 10, 2013
Today marks an important day for not only the clan [CAS] and the player O4, but for Tribes Ascend in general.

Tonight at 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT on, O4 will be the first to reach 10,000 flag captures in Tribes Ascend. And he wants everyone to be there! There is a whole plan and ceremony laid out to celebrate this event so be sure to not miss out in this once in a Tribes lifetime event! Let us all gather together as a community and watch this memorable moment.

Watch the trailer here.

In case you are unfamiliar with the clan [CAS] and O4 himself or you've only seen him in game and know nothing more about him, he wrote up a little biography about his Tribes career and wants to share how he got to where he is today:

"It started off as a bit of a mistake, actually. My brother had left for school and had accidentally left Starseige: Tribes running on his computer. Not having one of my own at the time (back in the good old high school days) I jumped at any opportunity to get in some gaming time between homework and school. "One quick game, then I'll get back to studying," I said to myself...

Well, we all know how that goes. Soon after that, my brother had to wrestle me off his computer whenever he got home. I was hooked. And thus my love affair with Tribes had begun.

I eventually got my own computer and soon after that, things started to really take shape. Me and a friend I had met in-game shared a passion for Tribes and we decided to get competitive. In 1998, [CAS] (Clan Alpha Saber) was formed and we went on to become the #1 team in the Tribes Renegades mod. It was here I developed my passion for capping. Those were the heady days... GLORIOUS times, good matches and great friends.

Of course, life caught up with me, like it does with most of us. I didn't hear about Tribes: Ascend until its release. I remember seeing an ad for it on a website and I thought to myself "Wow! Tribes is back, baby!" I downloaded it immediately and just like that, I was hooked again. 10,000 flag captures later, I found both new friends and old, and we continue to enjoy the game, day after day, night after night. And think that's what makes the game for me... Great friends make great matches, and ultimately, the game itself. My thanks to everyone who's helped me reach this milestone, and I look forward to another 10,000.

See you all out in the Wilderzone... and remember, if you've got the enemy flag, chances are I won't be too far behind. Keep moving, I've got your back!"

So be sure not to miss out and tune in tonight at 9:00pm EDT/6:00pm PDT. Again, its at the official Tribes Ascend Twitch channel. Special guests include HiRezAPC, AnarchyAo and Helemar! We'll see you there!