NATL Season 2 Starts Tonight w/Vexillifer vs Egocentric

by Hirez Maria | May 14, 2013
And we're back with season 2 of the North American Tribes League (NATL)!

After a very exciting first season in North America, we're happy to announce another full season of Tribes: Ascend action with $2,500 on the line! We have some old teams back in the Pro League as well as some new faces in the picture. We're excited to see how everything pans out this season and we hope you are too!

​Tonight is the first match-up of the season - Vexillifer vs Egocentric. Vexillifer, being the reigning champs of a hard fought grand final last season, is looking to maintain their status as the top team in North America. Egocentric is looking to learn from their mistakes last season and get a piece of that prize pool this season. They've been practicing extra hard recently so we're certainly in for a great game tonight.

​You can catch all of the action live at 10:00pm EDT/7:00pm PDT on with Helemar and remiCs on the mic! Be sure to follow the channel for future competitive games and read more about the Pro League in the North American Tribes League a by clicking here.