NATL Season 2 Pro League Group Stage: Denial eSports vs Puppy Kisses

by Hirez APC | May 21, 2013
Last night was an exciting night for Tribes Ascend. We had games which were close throughout all 3 maps, but after overtime on the 3rd map, zFz takes the big W. Tonight, we have another match up for the Pro League and that will be between Denial eSports and Puppy Kisses!

Denial eSports, currently in 2nd place for their division, will be topping their group if they win at least 2 maps tonight. The shazbucks seem to be in their favor, too. But Puppy Kisses, currently last in the division, is looking to take a couple maps off  this powerhouse team to help get them back into the playoff picture for the $2500 prize pool.

Join Swordf1sh, Buhlitz and Guitarguy as they guide you through tonight's matchup at 10:00pm EDT/7:00pm PST at