NATL Season 2 Pro League Group Stage: Denial eSprots vs Triumvirate

by Hirez APC | May 28, 2013
We're heading into the  final week of the Group Stage. This is where each game counts and before we eliminate 2 of the 8 teams from the chance at winning a piece of the $2500 prize pool. Each game this week will be the deciding factor on who moves on and who does not.

The team currently holding first in Division 2 is known to be one of the best teams in the Tribes Ascend competitive scene - Denial eSports. This team has been strong for many months and they're looking to go all the way and take 1st place in season 2! But Triumvirate, currently in 3rd place in the group but not far behind, is looking to take all 3 maps off them to walk off as the Group 2 champions. This is a big game for the both of them so you won't want to miss this!

You can catch all of the action casted by community favorites Phr33ky and GuitarGuy at This all takes place at 10:00pm EDT on the dot so be sure to be on time. And don't forget to place your bets at