EUTL Pro League Group Stage: Flamboyant vs Pelican

by Hirez APC | Jun 11, 2013
As we go into the final week of the Pro League Group Stage, this may be the biggest match of the week. Division 1 seems to be the most competitive group with teams like these and Vertigo competing. Vertigo has finished their games strongly, but the lose to Flamboyant might just hurt them in the long run.

Flamboyant, at the moment, has the upper hand against Pelican with 10 points in total. Flamboyant's victory is the reason for this, but Pelican can't be thrown out of the picture. Tonight's game will decide who will take the top 3 spots in division 1 and at this point, 1st place is up for grabs for any one of these 3 teams.

With such a big game ahead of us, Yankee was kind enough to produce an interview with Team Flamboyant to see how they feel going into tonights match:

Interview with Flamboyant

And be sure to tune into the cast this evening hosted by Tribes Cast Network. Your casters this evening will be Armed Penguin and Nitrodust. The action starts at 3:00pm EDT / 21:00 CEST over at