NATL Pro League Semi-Finals: Vexillifer vs Knightron

by Hirez APC | Jun 11, 2013
We're getting closer and closer to the Grand Finals of NATL Season 2. Each game matters, but doesn't necessarily mean you are completely out of the competition. Each team wants to win since the winner not only advances to the finals to face Denial eSports, but also guarantee's themselves a piece of the $2500 price pool!

Vexillifer has been a top team for a while now, winning NATL Season 1 and holding the number 1 spot on the 7v7 CTF Ladder. Knightron, on the other hand, is a newer team with a few roster changes that has proven themselves worthy with a victory over zFz last week. The shazbucks are certainly 1 sided - with most one players betting on Vexillifer, but we expect a good game nonetheless.

And what can make this game that much better? Well, you better prepare your bodies as Phr33ky will be making another appearance on the mic with our good ol' friend Swordf1sh assisting him. And let us not get a friendly mention of Custompunk and his lovely camera skills. Catch all of this on our official Tribes Ascend Twitch channel - at 10:00pm EDT / 7:00pm PDT

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