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  • The Underworld Beckons: Thanatos and Night...

    on Sep 18, 2013
    New God: Thanatos Harvester of Souls (Passive) Enemy gods within his ultimate’s execute threshold are revealed to Thanatos. Dealing the killing blow to enemies also empowers Thanatos, granting him health based on the max hp of his target. HP Restore (Gods): 20% of target’s max HP. HP ... Full story
  • Odin, the All Father, gets a makeover.

    on Sep 05, 2013
    Re-Arted God: Odin Odin has undergone a significant revision of his 3D Model, FX, animations and loading screen card. The Huntsman skin has also been reworked. The Mountain Man skin will be improved in future releases. New Skins: Loki Infiltrator Chang'e Golden Aphrodite Golden ... Full story
  • $20,000 SMITE North American Invitational ...

    on Aug 29, 2013
    The top four NA teams will compete in a LAN tournament this Friday, August 30 - Monday, September 1st. ATLANTA. August 29 2013. -- Hi-Rez Studios have announced their $20,000, 5v5 North American Invitational Tournament for SMITE will be played this weekend on the PAX Prime show floor between August ... Full story
  • Zhong Kui and Guan Yu headline Version 0.1...

    on Aug 27, 2013
    New God: Zhong Kui Demon Bag (PASSIVE) The demons that Zhong Kui captures from Exorcism are stored in his demon bag, giving him additional protections for each demon captured. When Recall Demons is activated, Zhong Kui gains double the protections from his Demon Bag, but eventually losing all s... Full story
  • Tencent and Hi-Rez Studios Announce Worldw...

    on Aug 21, 2013
    3D Action MOBA's Beta month for Chinese market revealed, plus announcement of new game-mode and preview of new gods. ATLANTA, August 21, 2013. -- Tencent Holdings Limited, Asia's top internet company and the fourth largest gaming company in the world, and Hi-Rez Studios, developer of free-to-play onli... Full story
  • SMITE takes the Nightshift on AtheneLive!

    on Aug 16, 2013
    Click here to watch the stream and donate to Save the Children!   Full story
  • Olympus Beckons in Version 0.1.1682

    on Aug 14, 2013
    New Skins: Ra Golden Anubis Golden Voicepacks: Loki Anubis General: The Conquest map has undergone major visual changes to better fit the current art direction of the game. The map layout remains the same but the art has been fully revised. Players should note that team colorin... Full story
  • SMITE Now Averaging Over 1 Million Views P...

    on Aug 08, 2013
    Today we are pleased to announce that SMITE has been averaging over 1,000,000 weekly views for the months of June, July, and August to date.  The viewership of SMITE is up over 300% since December 2012. Thanks to the many SMITE players and SMITE streamers for helping to grow this amazing communi... Full story
  • Tyr prepares to lay down the law

    on Aug 07, 2013
    New God: Tyr Unyielding (Passive) Stuns, Taunts, Fears and Mesmerize cannot affect Tyr for longer than 1s. Fearless Tyr charges forward, damaging enemies. ASSAULT Stance: Tyr pushes all enemies along with him, hitting them 2 times and knocking them up in the air. GUARD Stance: Tyr hi... Full story
  • Balance changes released in Smite Version ...

    on Jul 31, 2013
    General: Fixed an issue that prevented non-GMs from pausing a Custom Match. Fixed a client-side memory leak in the process that pre-caches match objects prior to a match start. Joust Challenge follows 3v3 game rules for respawn time (previously followed Joust 1v1 rules, which have shorter respa... Full story
  • Chang'e dances into Smite, brings Jade Rab...

    on Jul 24, 2013
    New God: Chang'e PASSIVE - Jade Rabbit Chang'e can purchase or sell items from anywhere and her Jade Rabbit companion will fetch them. When the rabbit reaches the store then returns, the transaction completes. Only one item can be purchased or sold in this way at a time. Chang'e also gains +25% ... Full story
  • Team-Dignitas Hosts 32-Team SMITE Cup

    on Jul 19, 2013
    Sign-Up by Tuesday, July 23rd! Click Here for Details Full story