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  • Vulcan emerges from his workshop: The gods...

    on Nov 20, 2013
    Ability Makeover: Vulcan General New loading screen card. Backfire The backward dash movement on this device has been re-enabled. It will also now slide against angled walls and surfaces, rather than come to a complete stop. Note: The movement now acts like a traditional dash. He will no lon... Full story
  • A new He Bo arises

    on Nov 13, 2013
    God Re-model: He Bo He Bo’s model, FX, animations and 2D Art have undergone a significant makeover, in order to better fit his mythology and legend. As part of this change, the “Flood Waters” ability has been renamed to “Atlas of the Yellow River”. The Cascade ski... Full story
  • One of China's Biggest Game Carnivals, TGC...

    on Nov 11, 2013
    Tencent Games Carnival, November 29th-December 1st in Shanghai, will feature Cognitive EU, the European SMITE team that won Gamescom versus Team Dignitas, the North American SMITE team that won PAX Prime. ATLANTA. November 11, 2013. Hi-Rez Studios today announced that Tencent Games Carnival will host... Full story
  • Ah Muzen Cab swarms the battleground; The ...

    on Nov 07, 2013
    New God: Ah Muzen Cab Bees! (PASSIVE) Enemies afflicted by Bees! take 10 (+15% of your physical power) physical damage every .5s for 3s and are revealed on the minimap.  The Bees! will also attack any nearby enemies that aren’t already affected by Bees!, continuing to ... Full story
  • Oct 25, 2013: Small patch deployed for bug...

    on Oct 25, 2013
    On Friday, October 25, 2013, a small balance and bug fix patch was deployed.  Smite Version 0.1.1807.0 Balance Changes Fire Giant The Fire Giant now awards 150g to each player on the team that defeated him. The damage buff versus towers and phoenixes from the fire giant has been increased to... Full story
  • Sun Wukong Returns! Bigger and badder than...

    on Oct 23, 2013
    New God: Sun Wukong Undefeated Body (PASSIVE) When Sun Wukong is below 50% health, he gains +10% critical chance and +20 protections, plus another 1% critical chance and 1 protections for his current level The Magic Cudgel Sun Wukong's Magic Cudgel grows in length, and he slams it down, dam... Full story
  • New Skins Available in SMITE

    on Oct 15, 2013
    The following new skins are now available in SMITE: Jack the Reaper - Pumpkin Thanatos Golden Vamana Golden Isis Note: Jack the Reaper Thanatos is only available for a limited time during the holiday season so purchase before November 6! Full story
  • Halloween Fan Art Contest - Win up to 10,0...

    on Oct 11, 2013
    Event Details The Halloween Fan Art Contest is a chance for players to show their artistic talent and celebrate the season! Event Time Frame Submission deadline is WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30th 2013 at 11:59 PM US EASTERN. Players must submit new artwork using this form: SMITE Fan Art Submission. Make s... Full story
  • Challenge for Charity Recap

    on Oct 10, 2013
    Thank you Smite community! This past weekend was the SMITE Challenge for Charity, and we would like to thank the SMITE community for helping us raise over $12,000 for sick children through event ticket sales and online donations. Whether you tuned in for the live stream or came down to the event, yo... Full story
  • Let's go straight to Hel

    on Oct 09, 2013
    Re-worked God: Hel General Hel has received a complete visual makeover with an all new model, animations and fx. Using abilities in one stance no longer places a cooldown on abilities in the other stance. A bug was fixed that was giving Hel the passive benefits or her ultimate earlier than in... Full story
  • Say hello to Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

    on Oct 02, 2013
    New God: Mercury Fastest God Alive (Passive) For every 1 ft traveled, Mercury gains a 0.1% physical power bonus on his next basic attack (max 50%). Mercury also gains additional physical power equal to 20% of movement speed from items. Made You Look Mercury moves in the blink of an eye, dea... Full story
  • Version 0.1.1740 introduces Diamond Sword ...

    on Sep 25, 2013
    Skin Diamond Sword Ares General: Adjustments have been made to the match-making algorithm for parties in which the party members have a large spread in their player level. Conquest respawn timers In Conquest, the respawn times have been significantly reduced, from a maximum of 75s to 55s.... Full story