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  • Skin Sale 5/4-5/6

    on May 04, 2015
    Frost Maiden Freya, Dark Lord Sun Wukong, and Afro-Dite Aphrodite are 50% off! Only 700 gems for all 3! Full story
  • Special Event Omnipotence: Battle for Olympus

    on May 01, 2015
    On Sunday May 3rd, the Gods have reached their maximum power and are ready to battle for control of Olympus. Take part in this special event on Conquest and unlock achievements to earn gems!    Omnipotence Special Event Map: Conquest Starting Level: 5 Cooldown Reduction: 80% Infinit... Full story
  • The Wonderful World of Shoutcasting

    on Apr 30, 2015
    The First Person Perspective of a Newcomer SMITE is one of the three most popular MOBAs in the eSports scene right now. It has grown so much since its release just a little over a year ago, and it seems to be growing more every day. Much of this success has to do with the game’s overall quality,... Full story
  • Skin Sale 4/30 - 5/2

    on Apr 30, 2015
    Space Monkey Hun Batz, High Seas Sobek, and Ms. Diagnosis are 50% off! Only 700 gems for all 3! Full story
  • New in SMITE: Rise my Minions!

    on Apr 28, 2015
    New God - Ah Puch Hollow Ground - Passive Ah Puch is closely attuned with the dead and may exhume decaying corpses at his will. When walking over a decaying corpse, Ah Puch lowers the Cooldown of Undead Surge by 2s, restores 6% of his maximum Health and 3% of his maximum Mana. Decaying corpses las... Full story
  • New in SMITE: Special Events

    on Apr 27, 2015
    This weekend, we'll be running a new Special Event: Omnipotence queue for players to join! In the upcoming patch, we will be introducing a new "Special Events" Achievement which will only progress by playing the new "Special Events" queue, the first of which is available this Sunday. When you complete... Full story
  • Skin Sale 4/27-4/29

    on Apr 27, 2015
    Lil'Mana Vamana, Stargazer Anubis, and Solar Sentinel Ra are 50% off! Only 700 gems for all 3! Full story
  • Meditating on the Use of Meditation

    on Apr 27, 2015
    Against the Grain #2: Meditation There are certain things in this game that will earn you universal hate in SMITE. For example, you could sit in your lane and never rotate. You could autolock a god regardless of who calls what role. And then you can grab that most reviled active item, Meditation. Like... Full story
  • This Weekend: Norse Pantheon Party

    on Apr 23, 2015
    This Friday April 24th through Sunday April 26th, we're celebrating Asgard with a Norse Pantheon party! Over the weekend, all Norse Gods are unlocked and playable for all accounts and Norse skins/voice packs are 50% off!  Support your favorite Norse Gods by completing the First Win of the Day t... Full story
  • Join the Fight To Save The Earth

    on Apr 21, 2015
    On April 22nd, earn the Save the Earth bundle on your first win of the day. Then compete in the Arena Match of the Day as part of a counsel of Gods in an effort to save the earth. *Xbox players will be able to see and use this bundle at the next patch release Full story
  • Spring Fling: April 23-24th

    on Apr 21, 2015
    The SPL Spring Finals is less than a week away and the best teams from North America and Europe will be competing for a Prize Pool of $60,000! But before they take to the battlefield they’ll participate in Hi-Rez’s first Spring Fling, a charity event full of mini-games, tournaments and mor... Full story
  • Two Jungle or Not Two Jungle

    on Apr 21, 2015
    Versus: It's Not An Argument This week, we introduce a new series called ‘Versus’ in which two writers discuss opposing, and sometimes controversial, points. It’s not an argument, it’s a civilized discussion (at least that’s what we tell our Editor). Today, Joshua &ls... Full story