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  • New in SMITE: There and Baka Again!

    on Oct 15, 2014
    God Remodel: Bakasura Death Machine and Feaster Bunny skins are unaffected by this change. Treasure Chests Odyssey Treasure Chest The pre-existing treasure chest has been renamed the “Odyssey” treasure chest. This treasure chest will expire on the same day that the Odys... Full story
  • Villains Skin Sale

    on Oct 13, 2014
    From October 13th through October 15th the Villains skin sale will be available. Dark Lord Sun Wukong and Slaughterhouse Chaac are 50% off! Full story
  • SMITE Pro League Top Play Contest

    on Oct 10, 2014
    Now is your chance SMITE eSports fans. We want to know what your favorite plays and clips from the SMITE Pro League or Challenger Cup over the last 7 weeks of competition. We will be awarding the top 5 submissions as follows: 1st Place 5,000 Gems 2nd Place 3,000 Gems 3rd Place 1,500 Gems 4th Pl... Full story
  • Cats and Dogs Skin Sale

    on Oct 10, 2014
    From October 10th until October 12th the Cats and Dogs Skin Sale is available! Gravehound Anubis, Olympian Anhur, and the Fwuffy Manticore Ward Skin are 50% off! Full story
  • SMITE World Championship Prize Pool Reache...

    on Oct 08, 2014
    Tickets are now on sale for the World Championship, held in Atlanta on January 9 - 11, 2015. ATLANTA, OCTOBER 8, 2014. HiĀ­-Rez Studios today announced that the SMITE World Championship (SWC) prize-pool reached $1,000,000 USD, making SMITE only the fourth video game franchise in history to offer a sing... Full story
  • Free Treasure Chest Roll - Temple of Confu...

    on Oct 07, 2014
    The 8th Odyssey item is out! Get a free treasure chest roll with the Temple of Confucius Ward Skin. The next exclusive bonus is next week and you don't want to fall behind. Full story
  • Dance Party Emote Sale - 50% off

    on Oct 07, 2014
    From October 7th until October 9th the Dance Party bundle will be available. The Nemesis Dance emote, Fenrir Dance emote, Janus Dance emote, and Hun Batz Dance emote 50% off! Full story
  • Spoils of War - 50% Off All Favor Items

    on Oct 06, 2014
    From October 6th until October 8th all items that have a favor price (gods, recolors, etc.) will have their gem cost cut in half! Now is the time to collect your spoils of war. Full story
  • Exclusive eSports Supporter Loading Frame

    on Oct 06, 2014
    Get your eSports Supporter Loading Frame by owning any 6 of the Odyssey items. Remember this loading frame is seen by everyone who loads into your matches and will not be available ever again once the Odyssey is concluded. You can find all the Odyssey items and those to come as well as follow our pat... Full story
  • Exclusive Odyssey Thanatos Skin Results

    on Oct 06, 2014
    The community votes are in! The Thanatos skin that will evolve and change throughout the match and will be earned as an exclusive Odyssey only item at the end of the 21 item stretch will be Angelic Thanatos. This item will be obtainable after owning all 21 Odyssey items as the last part of the Odyssey... Full story
  • SMITE at SIEGE 2014

    on Oct 02, 2014
    Catch SMITE at SIEGE 2014 with several panels involving Hi-Rez employees and featuring SlyFoxHound.  Full story
  • New Skin Sale - Bows n' Arrows

    on Oct 02, 2014
    From October 1st until October 3rd the Bows n' Arrows bundle will be available. Lil' Devil Cupid, Ms. Diagnosis Neith, Wrangler Artemis, and the Arrow Player Icon are 50% off! Full story