Feb 2nd & 3rd Wrap-Up

by User Not Found | Feb 06, 2013
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On February 2nd, myRevenge Cup #9 brought new teams into the tournament scene as the higher tier teams competed in the monthly myRevenge Invitational. In fact, Vivacity took the #1 spot in their first appearance in a myR Smite Cup! Their lineup consists of "Player" mid lane, "Jakeyo" and "Saibaman" right lane with "AutoTuned" and "Exotic" in left lane. DreamTeamHindla ended the tournament as the 2nd place team while Worthit Gaming acquired a 3rd place finish.

The monthly myRevenge Invitational also kicked off February 2nd. With $1,000 on the line, all of the invitees were pumped and ready to go. The Semi-finalists were in place at the end of the day with Juice vs MyRevenge.eu in the Winners' bracket and TheRandyScrubs vs Procore Gaming in the Losers' bracket.

On February 3rd, the final rounds of the myRevenge Invitational carried a cinematic plot. Former myR cup winners Juice Gaming and the myRevenge.eu team fought hard in a best of 3 with a final score of 2 - 1 in favor of Juice. Procore Gaming battled out of the Losers bracket with best of 1 victories over both TheRandyScrubs and MyRevenge.eu. The tournament finale pitted Procore against Juice from the Winners' bracket. While it would be great to make an "unstoppable force vs immovable object" analogy here, the Procore crew impressively managed to retain their momentum in a 2-0 victory over the previously unbeaten Juice. Procore Gaming finished with a lineup of "TheBest" mid lane, "Zapman" and "Sparks" in the right lane with "PonPon" and "Shadowq" in left lane.
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The weekend wrapped up with Borderland Gaming's second "Casually Competitive" tournament. Like the name says, this event is open for every player who is not part of an Invitational-tier team. "Team King" won the tournament in a rather decisive fashion as they did not lose a single game. Their line up was "Werrezer" mid lane, "TrixTank" and "repikas" right lane with "Fireyiant" and "QvoFred" in left lane. Deja vu struck hard as DreamTeamHindla came in 2nd place and Worthit Gaming finished 3rd.

The BLG management decided that the next Casually Competitive Tournament will have a new rule. An elo cap of 2300 will be implemented to help with the spirit of casual competition. DeamonMachine clarified, "Basically, everyone at HiRezDuke's level and below definitely qualify for this tournament." HEY WAIT-A-MINUTE!

Congratulations to all the winners this weekend! You played well and we look forward to seeing where you take the competitive scene from here!