Tournament Wrap-Up for myR #11

by User Not Found | Feb 19, 2013
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myRevenge Smite Cup #11

February 16th 2013 - 17 teams entered into the myRevenge INT #11 tournament. ROOT Gaming brought Vulcan into the competitive mix for the first time. Teams made use of Magi's Blessing for defense while many relied on Girdle of Might once again for offensive burst. The brackets were oddly laid out: most of the “pro” teams filled out the upper bracket while many “unknown” teams were grouped together in the bottom. This lead to a very contested series from start to finish.


ROOT vs myRevenge.EU - Match ID: 8477393

After an 18-minute stalemate, ROOT scored the first kill of the match and continued with that momentum to a victory. Less than 12 minutes passed between the first kill and the downed Minotaur with a total kill count for the match at 9. The most notable difference between the two teams was a 13,000 gold advantage for ROOT Gaming. ROOT’s Allied definitely stood out with the highest damage output building Vulcan with Mystical Mark, Voidstone, and Girdle of Might to overcome the current “tank meta”.

Myoelectric vs LoW Gaming : Match ID : 8473280

Myoelectric dominated the game very early on with the combination of Odin and Zeus ultimates proving to be more than LoW could handle. MYO secured all map objectives any time the opportunity presented itself. The Myoelectric squad rumbled to victory with a final kill count of 25 to 7. Gunmetal from MYO showed that Zeus is a game changer if not kept in check.

GRAND FINALS - ROOT vs Myoelectric

This series is MUST WATCH for anyone interested in the competitive scene.

Game One – ROOT vs Myoelectric : Match ID: 8480734

On the back of their huge semi final win, Myoelectric made their first finals appearance extremely memorable. MYO kept the match even with ROOT for the first 12 minutes of the game. Only 20 seconds later, the match moved to ROOT’s control as they secured Gold Fury and came out ahead in the team fight at the objective. ROOT continued dominance for quite some time, but Myoelectric turned the match around to get quite ahead of ROOT in kills and gold. After multiple team brawls at Fire Giant, ROOT turned the match around by securing some timely picks and objectives.

Game Two – ROOT vs Myoelectric : Match ID: 8483807

ROOT remained committed to Allied’s Vulcan play. In fact, Lassiz secured 3 kills in the first 5 minutes to get considerably ahead in the lane with the help of Allied. Myoelectric quickly caught up the kill count to 4-4 by the 8-minute mark but remained 1,000 gold behind. ROOT moved even further ahead with a 2,500 gold advantage after securing the first Gold Fury kill uncontested.

When the Gold Fury respawned, MYO nearly scored the objective, but a timely Anvil of Dawn from Shing allowed ROOT to steal the last hit and retain their gold advantage. This came at the high cost as MYO scored 4 kills in the subsequent team fight to go ahead 8-4. MYO was able to easily wipe 2 towers off the map while ROOT was respawning. Near the 27-minute mark, MYO’s Riddic made a huge play by stealing the first Fire Giant kill of the game. Despite the fact that they did not capitalize on the buff, MYO kept their kill lead into the 32-minute mark. Only 60-seconds later, ROOT scored a Deicide outside of the Fire Giant’s lair and immediately pushed through a Phoenix and the Minotaur.

Congratulations to the ROOT Gaming team on another tournament win! For more detailed information on ROOT’s players and strategies during the tournament, Click Here for the ROOT Recap.

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