Tickets Available For SMITE Launch Tournament!

by Hirez Maria | Jan 10, 2014

We're pleased to release information on the SMITE 100K Launch Tournament taking place March 28-30th in Atlanta.

The tickets offered below will guarantee a seat to watch all Tournament games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We have plenty of great events planned for that weekend and the SMITE community will be there with you in force:  pro-players, shoutcasters, content creators, SMITE community team, and the SMITE dev team!

Early Access Price - $30 for Reserved Seat to all 3 days of live competition

Friday, March 28 - Sunday, March 30

Grand Finals Match Sunday

Location:  Center Stage Theater - Midtown Atlanta.

Ticket also includes free SMITE Launch Event T-Shirt

Order your tickets HERE.

Center Stage Theater is located in the heart of Atlanta's most walk-able neighborhood, with many hotel options to choose from at a variety of prices.

For those wanting to book a room at the W, along with pro-players and other special event guests, you may use the following link to get a Tournament Attendee discount: