SMITE Cosplay Contest

by Kelly Link | Apr 02, 2014

Last weekend, March 28th - 30th, we had an amazing turn out for the SMITE Launch Tournament. Over 1,000 people attended the event and over 350,000 people world wide watched on with peak concurrent viewership of over 27,000.

On Saturday, after the last matches were played, the SMITE Cosplay Contest took place in Center Stage in front of a live audience. Dozens of fans took to the stage to show off their most impressive cosplay. The contest was split into two groups, male and female, with a winner in each group. The contestants were determined by a set of three experienced cosplayer judges; Riddle, DoomPrincess, and John.


Winner (Male Group): Brad (as Mercury)

Winner (Female Group): Courtney (as Isis)

Once one male and female contestant were chosen, there was also a fan favorite, judged by the audiences cheers. 

Winner (Fan Favorite): Gabby (as Red Star Athena)

After the Cosplay Contest finished, a group of professional models and cosplayers took to the stage to showcase their outfits to the crowd.

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