EU Pro League Kick-Off LAN - Frequently Asked Questions

by HiRez Drybear | Jul 23, 2014

Now that the regional qualifiers are over, the next big step is upon us. Kicking off the start of SMITE's very first pro league, the European Pro League Kick-Off LAN will be taking place sporting the top 4 teams in EU this Saturday in Germany. Here are the main points:

EU Pro League Kick-Off LAN FAQ

Where is the event?

ESL Studios - Cologne, Germany

When is the event?

Saturday July 26th, 2014

Who’s playing in the event?

The Kick-Off LAN will be comprised of the top 4 EU teams coming out of the SWC Regional Qualifiers:

1. Cloud 9 HyperX

2. Team SoloMid

3. Team Coast Blue

4. SK Gaming

How can I watch the event?

Watch live at 6:00 AM EDT / 12:00 PM CEST on the morning of Saturday July 26th.

How will the tournament run?

The tournament will be a four team bracket running single elimination. The semi-finals will be a best of three match up while the grand finals will be a best of five match up.

Will there be tickets sold?

General seating is sold out. Stay tuned to for information on how to get additional tickets should they become available.

What is the prize pool and how will it be split up?

Total prize pool is $50,000 USD and will be split up as follows:

1. 50.0% of total - $25,000

2. 25.0% of total - $12,500

3. 12.5% of total - $6,250

4. 12.5% of total $6,250