Practice Modes

by Hirez Maria | Jan 07, 2013

SMITE has two practice modes to help familiarize yourself with gameplay: a Basic Tutorial and Solo Practice.

Basic Tutorial

  • This mode teaches the absolute basics of movement, attacking, abilities, and challenging enemy defenses.

Tutorial Segments:

  • Basic player and camera movement
  • Using basic abilities
  • Leveling and using special abilities
  • Fighting neutral jungle camps
  • Quickly recalling to Base
  • Purchasing items and abilities from the shop
  • Fighting an enemy Tower, Phoenix, and Minotaur


  • Rewards are not given in this game mode

Solo Practice

This mode is a simplified version of the Conquest game mode, with only a single lane played against a computer controlled enemy. Your base is defended by a single Phoenix and Minotaur.< /p>

Match Objectives:

  • Destroy opposing tower, Phoenix and Minotaur.
  • Test your skills against the Manticore, your opponent in the lane.

Other Info:

  • You can choose any god and test them in this game mode, even if you don't own them.


  • Rewards are not given in this game mode.