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  • Tribes: Ascend, PTS 2.1

    by HiRez Mamacita | Oct 23, 2015
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  • New Map: Ice Coaster

    by HiRez Mamacita | Sep 30, 2015
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  • Tribes Ascend: PTS Patch Notes 2

    by HiRez Mamacita | Sep 24, 2015
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  • New Map - Terminus

    by HiRez Mamacita | Sep 21, 2015
    Terminus is a new CTF map with beautiful, grassy rolling hills with intuitive, easy-to-learn ski routes great for players of all experience levels. A more simple base design allows players to contest generators without navigating a maze. Designed in a similar light to catch the essence of Arx Novena.
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  • Patch Notes: Out of the Blue

    by HiRez Mamacita | Sep 11, 2015
    We need your help! Prior to release on the live servers, this release will be made available for general public testing on a test server. The purpose of this server is to allow us to gain end-user feedback and bug testing on the release before we fully finalize the release. In order to make this release as good as we can, we need the Tribe’s community to help us test and to give feedback!
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  • EU Draft: July Edition

    by Hirez APC | Jul 02, 2015
    Here we go again! ArmoredPenguin24 and friends have put together their monthly draft tournament in the European region. Signups are open now and the games begin July 11-12th. Here's all the details you need to know:
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  • See Upcoming Tribes Events at

    by Hirez APC | Jun 25, 2015
    Recently posted by the reddit account Nerf_Proliferation, there's now a new place to go and see what events are coming up in Tribes Ascend. will be able to host and create events such as organized drafts, PUGs and other tournaments. Players will be able to browse through all past, present and future events as well as enroll in upcoming tournaments.
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  • What you need to know about

    by Hirez APC | May 26, 2015
    Ever wonder how many more Blueplate Specials you've landed over your friends? Or where to find videos based on a particular map, role or game mode? Well we have just the site for you.
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  • Tribes Ascend Pickup Games

    by Hirez APC | May 19, 2015
    Dating back to the original Tribes, there has always been Pickup Games (PUGs) within the community. PUGs are a more competitive style of playing, but in a less serious manner. It's a good way to break out of casual play and learn the advanced mechanics in the game with other members of the community.
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  • Monthly Draft Tournaments - North American and European

    by Hirez APC | May 05, 2015
    Each month, the Tribes Ascend community comes together to compete in a casual, yet high skilled draft tournaments. These tournaments are graciously put together by community members for both North American and European regions.
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  • User Video Monetization supported & encouraged by Hi-Rez Studios

    by User Not Found | Dec 11, 2013
    For Hi-Rez Studios games, our policy is simple: We support and encourage you, as an individual content creator, to create videos using our game content AND monetize those videos as you wish.
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  • European Newblood Workshops Are Coming Up!

    by Hirez APC | Aug 14, 2013
    Are your skills in tribes not as good as you want them to be? Do you want to get taught by high-level tribes players? Well, on Friday the 23rd August you will have the chance to meet and play with the best cappers, snipers or fraggers the tribes scene has to offer. At 20:00 CEST (BST+1) in the European Mumble Channel, information can be found on
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  • Dev Blog - Scanning, Cheating, and Mapping

    by User Not Found | Aug 05, 2013
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  • 75% off of Tribes Ascend's Game of the Year Edition!

    by Hirez APC | Jul 17, 2013
    It's that time of the year again! As most of you may already know, the annual Steam Summer Sale has kicked off and we've got a deal for you!
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  • E-Sports Tournaments for Tribes: Ascend and SMITE Coming To RTX 2013

    by Hirez APC | Jun 25, 2013
    ATLANTA. Monday, June 24th, 2013. RTX 2013, the three-day event where gaming meets the Internet, will host walk-up play and live tournaments for the PC games SMITE and Tribes: Ascend.
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  • E-Sports Tournaments for SMITE and Tribes: Ascend Coming To RTX 2013

    by Hirez Maria | Jun 24, 2013
    RTX 2013, the three-day event where gaming meets the Internet, will host walk-up play and live tournaments for the PC games SMITE and Tribes: Ascend.
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  • NATL Pro League Semi-Finals: Vexillifer vs Knightron

    by Hirez APC | Jun 11, 2013
    We're getting closer and closer to the Grand Finals of NATL Season 2. Each game matters, but doesn't necessarily mean you are completely out of the competition. Each team wants to win since the winner not only advances to the finals to face Denial eSports, but also guarantee's themselves a piece of the $2500 price pool!
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  • EUTL Pro League Group Stage: Flamboyant vs Pelican

    by Hirez APC | Jun 11, 2013
    As we go into the final week of the Pro League Group Stage, this may be the biggest match of the week. Division 1 seems to be the most competitive group with teams like these and Vertigo competing. Vertigo has finished their games strongly, but the lose to Flamboyant might just hurt them in the long run.
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  • NATL Season 2 Pro League Group Stage: Egocentric vs Texas Militia

    by Hirez APC | May 29, 2013
    Another match-up?! Well yes, yes there is. And you can find it at the same place and time as usual. The North American Tribes League has only started and we have many more weeks of broadcasts ahead of us. So be sure you have your account setup on and get involved more with the community.
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  • NATL Season 2 Pro League Group Stage: Denial eSprots vs Triumvirate

    by Hirez APC | May 28, 2013
    We're heading into the final week of the Group Stage. This is where each game counts and before we eliminate 2 of the 8 teams from the chance at winning a piece of the $2500 prize pool. Each game this week will be the deciding factor on who moves on and who does not.
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