's 3rd Draft Tournament Wrap Up

by Hirez APC | Feb 25, 2013
Since the end of December 2012, the European scene has been through three draft tournaments that each last one full weekend. This past weekend involved 10 teams of players from different tribes who had the chance to play for up to 800 Tribes gold.

The founder of, Lumberjack, had this to say at the end of the tournament:

"Congratulations to our draft winners, sh4zs Bots! They will receive 800 gold and shazbucks.  Also congrats to our second and third place teams, Average Joe's Reborn and Split's Legion, who will be receiving 500 and 350 gold/shazbucks, respectively. Hope to see you next time!"

Just a hint for all of our friends over on that side of the pond: Prepare yourselves for a more competition scenario in the near future!