League: Loser Bracket Semi-Finals

by Hirez APC | Feb 25, 2013
The League (NATL) has finished its first week of qualifier rounds and we have already seen a few nail biters. We are now heading into the second and final week of the qualifiers where teams begin to split between either the Pro League, which consists of a $2500 prize pool, and the House League, which will have in-game prizes for the top teams.

Tonight we'll have 2 games shoutcasted live on our official Tribes Ascend stream: and Both of the games will begin at 10pm est. Puppy Kisses will play against Team Envy as Team Internap faces Who Lags Wins. Both matchups are predicted to be close ones as the winners of each matchup will automatically qualify for the Pro League - which will allow the team to have a chance at the $2500 prize pool.

Learn more about the league and further details on each match by visiting