NATL Season 2 Pro League Group Stage: Egocentric vs Texas Militia

by Hirez APC | May 29, 2013
Another match-up?! Well yes, yes there is. And you can find it at the same place and time as usual. The North American Tribes League has only started and we have many more weeks of broadcasts ahead of us. So be sure you have your account setup on and get involved more with the community.

So lets talk about each team briefly. We'll start with Egocentric. One of the more established teams in the community. They have been together from the beginning of the Tribes Ascend scene with tutorials that help with various positions such as capping. This is a well mannered team with some very skilled players. They are going into this match with 6 points, currently holding 3rd place in their Group.

Texas Militia will be the other team playing tonight. Another team that has been around for a while now, but they are new to the Pro League. Dominating their way through the House League in season 1 and surprising much of the community, they are here to show off the skill they have. Not having a single point in the Group doesn't reflect how they're playing since they've been matched up with some of the hardest teams currently in the game. TXM needs to win all 3 maps tonight in order to advance into the playoffs next week or else they will be eliminated with Puppy Kisses and will have to resort to the relegation matches at the end of the season to see the Pro League next season.

You can catch the action at at 10:00pm EDT / 7:00pm PDT with HiRezAPC and Jim Christ on the microphone shoutcasting this game.