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Play a PUG! - Looking to be exposed to a new Tribes experience? Well check this site out and see how you can participate on daily pickup games - available for European, North American and Australian regions. This is also a good place to get involved with the community in general whether it’s playing in public games together or to simply chat with other players.

Tribes Reddit - One of, if not the most, active Tribes community. Highly recommended for any user looking to keep up to date on anything regardings Tribes varying from tournaments to general tribal discussions.

North America Tribes - A community hub specifically for the North American region. News, events, tournaments and all types of VODs are commonly found here.

WilderZone - A community site for all regions containing great content regarding all up to date Tribes related news and forum discussions.

Tribes ANZ - A new Austrailian based forum for the Tribes community.

Bittah - A long lived Tribes website for the Austrailian community. - An active fan site for the German community.

Tribes: Ascend on Wikia - A great source of information for Tribes Ascend

Tribes: Ascend Wiki - Another Tribes Ascend based wiki!

Team EgoCentric - A long term competitive Tribes Ascend team with helpful VODs.

Miami Vehicles - A team based community fan site that's been together since the early days of Tribes 2.

Tribes France - French Tribes community site

Tribes Connexion - Another community site for players to keep updated on news regarding Tribes Ascend... in French!

Competitive Leagues and Ladders - North American based league competition with various Cups and Tournaments throughout the year. - European based league competition with various Cups and Tournaments throughout the year. - North American Tribes Ascend ladder open to all teams. - European and Oceanic Tribes Ascend ladder open to all teams. - Various Tournaments and Events such as invitationals or draft tournaments.


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