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“Free To Play.” It’s like a four-letter word to gamers – and for good reason. Who wants to get nickle-and-dimed? Who wants to play a game where the “better player” is the one with the bigger pocketbook?

At Hi-Rez Studios, we know there’s a better way. We make Free to Play games that our fans Want to Play. More important, we make Free to Play games that we want to play.

It’s a crazy idea, when you think about it. Giving away games that we spend millions of dollars developing, with the hope that people like them enough to buy costumes. But when you love your games like we do, players can feel it. And they start to love our games too.

We’re proud of the fanbases that have formed around our games. We believe that great games come from great communities – and ours are some of the best.

Hi-Rez Studios’
Rules of Development

Hi-Rez Studios’
Rules of Development

  • Rule #1: Trust your fans and your data
  • Rule #2: No idea is too dumb to try
  • Rule #3: Iterate constantly, and keep your game fresh
  • Rule #4: There is no Rule 4

Work Hard. Play Harder.

Work Hard. Play Harder.

  • Playing is fun. Testing is hard. Play-testing is fun, hard work – open to all Hi-Rez employees.
  • Stay late to solve that tricky problem. Or take a stroll to find inspiration.
  • Always have access to the latest technology. Because we have it. On your desk.

Cultivating Junior Talent

Looking to break into the gaming industry? It’s not easy. But if you have the talent, there’s no better place to start a career than at Hi-Rez Studios. Our creative process lets young talent play a vital role in the development of major, AAA games. That’s the kind of opportunity you won’t find at many big-name, behemoth studios.

Nurturing Senior Staff

Stuck in a rut at your current job? Get out of that funk, move to the sunny South, and let your wisdom shine at Hi-Rez Studios. We value experience, and we value developed skillsets. You do what you do well. So come do it with us.

Hi-Rez Productions

Esports isn’t just some fad, like bell-bottom pants, or yo-yos, or some other hyphenated fad. Esports is here to stay, and Hi-Rez Studios has made a major investment with HI-REZ PRODUCTIONS, a separate esports and production studio. HI-REZ PRODUCTIONS has top of the line film equipment, producing hundreds of hours of live entertainment each year. And we host major tournaments at our in-house esports arena.

It’s all about the benefits, baby

Free Lunch / Dinner and Snacks

It’s a veritable smorgasbord here at Hi-Rez Studios. Like, seriously, there’s so much food here. Help us eat some of it, and wash it down with Red Bull – free.

Competitive 401K

It’s boring adult stuff, we know, we know. But our competitive 401k with matching basically means you get free money, just for working here. Who doesn’t like free money?

Health Care

Vision. Dental. Medical. It’s the trifecta. Boom.

Free Gym Membership

Level up your STR and AGI IRL. Every employee gets a free gym membership at LA Fitness, or a nearly-free membership at the super swanky Life Time Fitness.

Maternity / Paternity Leave

Hi-Rez Studios takes care of new moms and dads alike, offering 12 weeks of paid maternity leave and 2 weeks of paternity leave.

Dog / Tiny Human Care

You can be sure that your dogs and your kids are well taken care of while you’re at work, with discounted doggy or human daycare at two top-notch facilities within walking distance of our office.

All the training

Are you an artist? Take part in our monthly life drawing sessions, or study up with a free Gnomon Workshop subscription.

Programmer? Check out our GDC Vault subscription.

And no matter what your specialty is, you can learn more about how different departments within Hi-Rez Studios work at our monthly lunch-and-learns.

Swag! Discounts!

Wanna rep our games? Easy peasy -- we’ll give you free shirts and kick-butt discounts on all SMITE/Paladins merch. Oh, and about those discounts… if you like amusement parks, movies, shows, or travelling, we’ve got a bit of an employee hook-up.