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At Hi-Rez Studios, we offer regular tours because we believe in giving back to our community. And also because Todd says we have to do tours.

But honestly, the world needs more awesome people making and playing games. If we can encourage you to pursue your passions in game development, go pro as a player, or just become an active part of a gaming community, then we’re happy to help.

Hi-Rez Studios generally opens to the public for tours on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 11am EST, with some restrictions. If you’re an active player of SMITE or Paladins, you can register for a tour on the calendar below.

Please note: We can only accommodate groups of 10 or fewer people on each tour, including a chaperone.

Please read our FAQ before you register.

FAQ de tour

Who can go on a tour of Hi-Rez Studios?

- You must be at least 13 years of age
- If you are 13-18 years old, you must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or chaperone
- You must have photo ID (Or, if you’re under 18, your chaperone needs photo ID)
- You must be an active player of a Hi-Rez Studios game (or a member of a field trip group)

What will I see on a tour of Hi-Rez Studios?

We can’t guarantee what you will or won’t see. Sometimes we have top-secret projects in development and we’ll have to skip certain parts of the tour.

That said, you should expect to tour:
- The game development and art production studios where SMITE is created
- That one wall Nabil ran through
- The Paladins team’s domain
- QA/Playtest rooms (though there may not be time/availability for you to playtest)
- Our in-house esports studios
- Some boring business-y areas that you’ll probably forget

Who will I talk to on my tour? WILL I GET TO MEET HINDUMAN, F., ADANAS, DRYBEAR, STEW, TODD, or WHOEVER?!?

Tours are operated by the Hi-Rez Studios HR and PR departments. Odds are you might see some of these notable Hi-Rez folks as you walk around our offices, but you probably won’t get the chance to talk to them.

Can I tell all my friends about all the awesome stuff that I see?

Sorry! Upon arriving at Hi-Rez Studios you’ll be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, agreeing that you won’t share our plans for world domination upcoming games/features.

It’s less about you and more about us – We’re really self-conscious about features that are in development, and generally don’t want to show them off until they’re ready.

Can I take pictures?

You will be allowed to take pictures in certain areas of our offices. Others are off-limits, as our employees are likely working on things that aren’t quite ready for the public yet (see: why we have an NDA).

What info do I need to book a tour?

You’ll need to gather:

- The number of people in your party
- Each person in your party’s legal name
- The age of each person in your party
- An email address where we can contact you

If you’re not part of a field trip group, you’ll also need to tell us your Hi-Rez Account name and what game you play.

How early do I need to register for a tour?

If you are an individual, you must register at least 3 business days before a tour. But tours often book up well in advance, so register as soon as you can. Like, today if possible.

If you want to bring a field trip to tour Hi-Rez Studios, please register at least 1 month prior to your requested date sending an email to [email protected]

Once I register, am I automatically confirmed for a tour?

Registering is a great first step towards touring Hi-Rez Studios, but does not confirm that you have a seat on the tour. We’ll send you a confirmation e-mail as soon as possible with all the details you’ll need for your tour.

Why are your tours only open to active players of Hi-Rez Studios’ games?

Two reasons:

1) We get a lot of tour requests, and we only have so much availability. We believe our passionate fans deserve the best chance to see us at work.

2) If you’re not a fan of Hi-Rez Studios’ games, our tours can be a bit boring. You’re essentially touring an office building with a lot of people staring at computers. But if you love our games, you’re going to be geeking out about every little detail (trust us – we all did it our first time, too).

Why do I need to be 13 years old? Can I bring my sibling/cousin/friend who is under age 13?

Sorry! As most of Hi-Rez Studios’ games are rated T for Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, there are some dumb legal reasons preventing us from allowing young’ns. Absolutely everyone has to be age 13 or older to tour Hi-Rez Studios.

Why do you only allow 10 visitors per tour group?

Hi-Rez Studios is an active game development studio. We aren’t set up to host large groups. And we’ve found in the past that large groups of excited fans tend to disrupt our workdays.

Is your tour wheelchair-accessible?

Yes, but Hi-Rez Studios has grown so quickly that our offices are split across a few different buildings. Our tours typically walk between buildings, roughly a quarter-mile in each direction, with moderate hilliness. You can always drive between buildings if that sounds like a challenge!

¿Puedes hablar español?

Mis apologías, our tours are only available in English at this time.

Where the heck are you guys?

Hi-Rez Studios’s headquarters are located in Alpharetta, Georgia, a northern suburb of Atlanta.

Do you offer tours at your Brighton, UK, or Shenzhen, China, offices?

Sorry, we only offer tours of our Alpharetta, Georgia headquarters.

How do I get there?

We’ll shoot you the details once your tour is confirmed. Don’t trust addresses you may find on the interwebs – we have several buildings, and you may end up in the wrong place.

Can I park my car there for free while I’m touring?


What should I bring?

1. Your photo ID (featuring the name you signed up with)
2. A chaperone, if you’re between the ages of 13 and 18
3. Comfy shoes (It’s a walking tour!)
4. If you burn easily, sunscreen (A small bit of the walking is outdoors!)

What should I leave at home?

Weapons, large bags, animals, illegal substances, and bad attitudes.

Will there be sweet Hi-Rez Studios merchandise to buy?

Sorry! We don’t have an on-site store, so you won’t be exiting through the gift shop. But you can always score awesome licensed merch from our Official SMITE Merchandise Store.

Things happened. I can’t go anymore. I’m super sad. My life is over. What do I do?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] so we can cancel your reservation, make room for some other Hi-Rez Studios fans, and try to get you rescheduled for some future date.